Pharmaceutical Data Analytics

With warehouse ready data and representation on very well known BI tools not penetrating their purpose though the entire calculation logic is based on statistical calculation and the data volume is huge. They struggle to present any ad-hoc requirement from clients and also fails to build any data correction logic and new requirement fitting into their BI.

Retail Analysis

Top shoe brand in Kolkata having 485 number of retail shops all over India having problem with the existing BI solution which can only show the values respect to the different operational area of business, but could not able to produce Strategical Model for stock replanishment decission, Merchandise item prediction, promotional factor, stock clearance, advance notification for raw material supply, and processing of more than 160 millions no of rows.

Public Utility

A municipal body running with a SMART City solution and different application base for maintaining records for Utility Bills, Birth and Death registration, School Information, Grants etc. they need to consolidate all data in a single platform for Analysis also they have to analyze some data which are coming as a tabular format but in PDF

Trade and Investment Promotion

Export promotion council analyse demographic price fluctuation and studies variation in metal price over the International and Domestic markets. They constantly struggle in integrating SMEs to global value chain. First step should be controlling item-specific pricing. Next step is to help its members understand market, global buyers and sellers, international trends and opportunities.