Let’s see the key of nEx Quad

Quad is a system that drives through the Basic Data Source with its coherent feature such as BigData handling, Unstructured data handling, Data wrangling and quick ingestion. Analytics can be performed on preselected option on SPARK or SPARK ML / Cortex Neural Network / Clojure ML modelling. Through which we can subscribe an Embedded, Shared and Business Intelligence model on a single-window service. Whether you want to create a Learning Service for your Analysis or Create NLP rules or drag along your Analytical thought by creating a Data Semantic or generating a Cognitive result or starting with prediction engine, everything is within it.


Reporting AS A Service

Pre-build reports on the go can be created by sending request to License Serve, reports and presentation embedded slides can be available on Finance, Marketing, HR, Production, Budgeting & Forecasting, and Public Utility Service etc. Create Report / Stack all report which can be generated as PDF / Printable Copies or even Brochure & Can be redistributed though the Mail to specific work group. Even if they want to integrate the analysis into their WEBSITES, that even perfectly doable.


Analytics AS A Service

Company can keep this platform inside their premise / Cloud, Not only that they can build their Analysis through this tool as and when required, either calling the Analytical functionality or creating a Predictive / Cognitive / Recommendation engine. Inherently, we shall support them to get the Analytics completed from remote support though the entire lifetime of NEX Application. Also, the application is being operates through Browser and there is NO LICENSE LIMITATION for DEVELOPER / USERS.

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